Frequently Asked Questions

1) Balance points – these are the bonuses that have been transferred from the previous project with no additional surcharges and by the ratio of 1:1. The user only pays the blockchain commission for the transactions.
Are added to the users’ balances who had active package during the cutoff of the balances.

2) Bonus points – are the bonuses which allow the user to purchase tokens with a privileged discount of 90%, covering only 10% of the payment with cryptocurrency. Are added to the users who had internal currency but no active package.

3) Bounty points – are the bonuses given away by the ICO team to the users for active contribution to the development of the project, marketing promotion, translation assistance and community support services of the project.

Find the file at the following link:

There are two types of transaction in the system, they go through Bitcoin and Ethereum network.

The transactions that go through Ethereum network usually take up to 15 minutes.

Bitcoin network transactions usually take up to 24 hours (it depends upon the reward amount for the transaction – commission)

The delay of 5-7 seconds before displaying the balances in the screen is caused by the fact that your balances are being drawn from smart contract.

The maintenance of the old cabinet has stopped. There are no developers there; and there is already a debt for the servers rent services. All the balances from the old cabinet have been transferred here

The total balances of all the participants with no exceptions have been transferred. There are 2 types of balances: the price of the current package and a sum of the remaining funds among all the balances of the participant's cabinet.

The user's balances as of 05.06.2018 have been transferred to the new cabinet and converted into tokens

The token in the new cabinet is a digital coupon which can be exchanged for goods and services, realized within the new project. The value of such digital coupon is 1 US dollar. The exchange rate of the balances was 1:1

The balances of the new cabinet have been added in accordance with the registry data, provided by the administration of the old project. In case there is a point of issue, it is required to contact support department of the old project and request to clarify the information while providing us the new and actual data.

Part 1: Account registration

1) In order to register a personal cabinet of the ICO participant follow the link:

2) Fill out the required registration information and read the document Terms and Conditions. Check the box that you have read. Now you can press the “Submit” button

3) Wait for the letter sent to your Email address where you find the e-mail confirmation link. To finish the registration procedure, follow the link by clicking the button “Verify EMAIL”.

Part 2:

1) In order to operate in your personal cabinet, you need to install a browser extension – MetaMask. It can be downloaded at the link:

2) Having installed MetaMask plug-in to your browser – follow the icon appeared in the interface of your browser.

3) Register the account in the MetaMask extension to receive a generated blockchain address on Ethereum.

4) The received address from MetaMask wallet must be copied and indicated on the final step of the personal cabinet registration.

Important! The system only operates with the wallets generated by MetaMask platform

1) In order to purchase tokens with ETH, firstly you need to replenish your Ethereum wallet address, generated by MetaMask

2) See the screenshot below to learn how to purchase tokens in the system with ETH:

3) After clicking the “Submit” button, your transaction starts to be processed in Ethereum network. In general, the transaction takes up to 5-15 minutes in Ethereum. After that you will see the results of successful operation in the “Transaction History” section of the user dashboard

1) In order to purchase tokens with BTC, firstly you need to replenish your Bitcoin wallet balance.

2) Purchasing tokens with BTC: in the left part of the dashboard select “BTC” and, in the appeared interface, you will see the number of the wallet for the transfer and conversion of BTC to Planet Mobile tokens. Copy the wallet number and replenish with the desired amount

See in the screenshot:

The tokens are added to your MetaMask wallet automatically. To proceed, click on an orange “Add Token” button in the interface of MetaMask wallet, in the appeared window indicate smart contract number as follows:

This means that our system does not store your tokens, they are stored within your MetaMask wallet at all times

Important! Do NOT indicate any other smart contract numbers! This will cause an irrevocable loss of your tokens!

Commonly, all the transactions within Ethereum network take up to 10 minutes, occasionally, a little longer time may be required.

If you want to process transactions at maximum speed, find payment properties under MetaMask pop-up window, where you can raise the “Gas Price” number, which will increase your commission for the payment, and your transaction will move to block and be processed faster.

Further development stages are described on the RoadMap, and the intentions represent the facts. Moreover, the global prospects are described in the WhitePaper