New ICO Worldwide multi sim telecom operator with token economy blockchain platform

We are to raise funds for our revolutionizing project, which is both a worldwide mobile operator and a platform with crypto token blockchain layer, which helps to connect end-users, who are cross-border travelers. And let them safely interact with third-party services providers within the blockchain powered ecosystem. We are also aimed at entering the ICO market in the future.


Start 800,000,000 Tokens Total

Our mission and general intention

Our mission:

Our mission is to help to qualitatively improve users’ experience during international trips by providing connection to valuable people and necessary service providers.

General intention:

We are to raise funds for the project, which is both worldwide mobile operator and platform with crypto token blockchain layer, which helps to connect end users - cross-border travelers and safely and trustworthy interact in the ecosystem with third-party services providers. These services
will help to improve user experience during the international trips.


Multi-Sim card allows you to use the services of different operators and telecommunication service providers simultaneously using only one SIM card in one mobile device.

Algorithms for one of the operators’ profile activation, as well as procedures of installing new profiles or their rotation, are implemented through specialized Java applications.


Multi-Sim - more benefits for everyone!
Multi-Sim changes the technology of providing mobile services and business models of these services consumption giving the following benefits:
A possibility to use one SIM card and account without roaming in your home country as well as abroad.
A possibility to use the services at a discount or free of charge through participation in marketing promotions of partners.
A possibility to pay for all services on the platform on favorable terms using tokens from a single wallet. Applies to both mobile operator services and service of third-party providers.
Single online office for account
replenishment, ordering services from a single account and viewing call records and all other services in different countries
Platform of useful services for
travelers, selected by the platform algorithm, taking into account the preferences of each client.
A possibility to purchase a SIM card and have it delivered to you.
No need to produce
SIM cards
Growth of
customer base
Reduction of the subscriber
servicing cost
No additional
investments are required
Access to the market of active audience of cross-border
travelers to sell their services.
Algorithm of intelligent matching of proposition with interested users on platform in the moment of this need arise and stay active.
Possibilities to promote actions with discount coupons
and other engaging activities for creating qualified leads.
Access to active
audience of cross-border travellers.
Good conversion rate to sales as result of implementation of intelligent analytic system.
A possibility to conduct marketing campaigns with various activities to promote the brand and create points of contact with the new clientele.
If you have any querry for related contribution,
then We are available for you.


Payment for services

Multi-Sim works on condition of maintaining a positive balance in the accounts of all suppliers, whose services are being used by their subscribers.
For this reason every subscriber is assigned without accounts, to which they contribute prepayment.
Funds in account will be debited to service providers according to their prices.
In the personal cabinet, the subscriber can obtain consolidated information about the billing of all services used by him or her at any time.

Physical media

Multi-Sim can be installed on a UICC card with SIM / USIM / SIM-chip support and mandatory Java Card 2/2 support.




​Founders and team (vesting for 3 years)
Main Token Sale
Founder and Team
  • – tokens for founders;
  • – development team;
  • – advisers rewards.
Main Token Sale
  • – pre-sale contributor;
  • – main sale contributor.

Funds Breakdown

Professional services
System development
Partners incentivizing pool

The reality of blockchain powered ecosystem projects is usually based on the strong community and social support. That's why we are planning to dedicate a lot of attention to community building activity. We intend to organize community centers, which will be involved in the activity on the places.

Together with partners, we will organize marketing campaigns with prizes and bounties for the most active users.

For our active end-user groups, we will support community channels and groups in different social networks and organize promo campaigns with discounts coupons and prizes from services partners. It will be an interesting activity for both service providers and end-users. In addition to traditional digital marketing, we will use partners with already organized and functional channels to their users and we will deliver our services and brand visibility through these partnership channels. We will distribute SIM cards for free for wealthy end-users, who approve their payment story by buying some of high price services and products. As this first wave of users will participate in multi-level referral campaign and they will be promoted to attract new users and take a share of the profit from the platform.

Professional services

This will cover all legal, auditing, and other professional services.


All risks and unpredicted issues will be covered by this part.

System development

This part will be dedicated to development team which will be developing all systems, which include telecom service user cabinet with billing, wallet, all transactions report and token economy system with service hub with service - users matching. Also, advertisement system for matching client - advertisers with profit share of AD budget for an end user will be realized by the development team.

Partners incentivizing pool

As we will attract our partners with already organizes and functioning marketing channels for delivering our SIM cards and services with profit share for partners, we will organize partners community with incentivizing bonuses for active partners.

Planet Mobile ICO

  • Name
    Planet Mobile Token
  • Symbol
  • Start of ICO
    1.09.18 at 12:00 GMT
  • End of ICO
    31.10.18 or 800,000,000 of tokens are sold out
  • ICO PLMBT token price
  • Max amount of tokens to be sold
    800,000,000 out of 1,000,000,000 (80%)
  • ICO hard cap
  • Min purchase amount
    $200 equivalent

Our team and Advisors

Oleksii Kocherev

Alexandr Strukov

Nadiia Konopkina

Oleg Savran

team member image

Sergii Kovalchuk

Serhiy Kysylenko

Tamara Kindsvater

Tetiana Pinchuk

Volodymyr Shamro


for ICO
Team formation and strengthening
an ICO
of the project
Conclusion of roaming contracts with mobile operators
Issue and sale
of SIM cards
Expansion of the network around the world
and a massive advertising company.
Formation of a network of representative offices around the world.
Creation of a training program and conducting training courses for resellers.
Launch of IPO

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Proof of the concept - Multi-SIM card

Now that the project is on the stage of a working prototype, we would like to describe how it works. When the card is turned on for the first time, it is activated according to the rules of roaming communication. Namely, it is connected to the network of the local mobile operator, through which the Internet channel is received. Then the data profile of the virtual SIM card is loaded, from the selected range for the given region. Then it is reconnecting to a new profile network of the SIM card, and the user can already see the name Planet Mobile network on the screen of his or her mobile phone. Each SIM card has an internal short number; on which it is possible to make calls from other SIM cards as in the internal network.

The management of the card's functionality and control is carried out via a special mobile application. The authorization can be completed by entering the serial code of the SIM card and subsequent confirmation via SMS. The functionality of this application allows you to manage SIM card profiles, switch between them, view statistics, and manage the account balance.